Sunday, 23 November 2014

23rd November.    It is a bit difficult taking photos when the workmen are on site and when we go up to the land at the end of the day (and we do most days) the light is not good.  So, as today is a beautiful day and it is Sunday, as promised -  photos - and apologies but there are loads;
Front of the house. Garage door to the left, 4th bedroom window of the right of the porch.

View from the road side. 

View from the very bottom of the land, left hand corner.

Looking down the hallway.

Hallway. Door into garage on the left, arch into the guest rooms to the right.

Main guest en-suite with French Doors to the side.

Coming out of the main guest room, looking down the passage to the 4th bedroom.

View from the main guest room French Doors.

3rd bedroom, en-suite.

French Doors in 3rd bedroom. We have decided that, in order to fit wardrobes in, this will need to be moved 25cm to the right.

Eddy has concerns about the layout of the 3rd bedroom en-suite.  Will need to be changed.

4th bedroom, leading to the en-suite.

View from 4th bedroom en-suite.

Standing outside the utility room, looking towards the terrace.

Standing on the front terrace, looking into the lounge/kitchen. Our bedroom door to the left.

Kitchen. Door to front terrace to the left and sink to go under the window.

Standing in the lounge, leading out to the pool terrace. This whole wall will be folding glass

Looking into our bedroom from the covered terrace. There is a double sided wardrobe/dessing room behind the wall and our en-suite behind that.  Door to the right.

view from our en-suite

View from our dressing room.

View from our bed (taken crouching down so I could see the view I will wake up to).

Looking into the lounge from the covered patio.  Eddy just going into the media room.

The terrace outside the kitchen door. Looks a bit like a cell block at the moment though.

Side of the house, stairs to the upper terrace.

Covered terrace to the right, Our dressing room and en-suite window to the left.

Sorry for posting so many photos but it is finally starting to resemble the house that started off in my head 18 months ago and I am excited!!!!!


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