Sunday, 11 January 2015

January 11th.  This had been the coldest we have ever been in Cyprus.  There has been snow on the mountain behind us and and the local newspaper says that temperatures have been the lowest since 2000. Despite this and a lot more rain, there has been some progress on the house.   Most of the ceilings that are not to be suspended, have been plastered, the plumbing work is finished, the walls that the roof will be attached to are almost completed and the basement is also nearly ready for closing in.

Hall ceiling plastered

Covered patio ceiling plastered

Yet more rain in the pool. Up to the meter mark now.

Roof terrace.  There will be a door leading into the roof area.  This is where the water tank will go and will also be used to store up-stairs furniture. The air conditioning fans will go in front of this wall, hidden by trellis.

The house from the furthest corner of the garden.

Basement/second garage.

 So, this week, we are told, the electricians should arrive on site. There is a strong possibility that the roofer will also make a start. The very cold weather should pass and, with luck, the basement should be finished. We need to find and order doors for the basement area.  We have decided that, due to it's size, we should put in an 'up-and-over' garage door as it will make a really good second garage. Quite a selling point in the future, don't you think?


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