Sunday, 14 December 2014

14th December 2014 - We have spent quite a bit of time on site this week, deciding where electric points are to go. The amusing thing was that as fast as the elctrician was spraying red paint on the walls for switches and plugs, the renderers were covering it up. A few heated exchanges between the two trades in Turkish sorted the problem though. The weather for the last few days has been rainy and damp, perfect weather for rendering aparently!

 The water tank in the lounge will, hopefully, not be a permanent feature!
 The workmen have set up their base in our media room. With a plastic sheet covering the window, it is quite cozy.  They have hammered nails into the walls to hang clothes and plastic bags for food storage and, although it can't be seen in the photo, they even have a small gas cooker in the corner. Should we be charging rent?

 Our bedroom with a Modern Art piece above the bed?
 Kitchen starting to take shape with indications of where the electric points will be.
 The pool levels have gone in this week and with the amount of rain we have had, at least we know that there are no leaks.
 The roof will be started this week, we are told (hope so as money has changed hands) and we will need to order roof tiles. I think that is the only thing left for us to do as all  other items - floor and wall tiles, sanitary ware and kitchen are on order so full steam ahead (fingers crossed).


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