Sunday, 25 January 2015

25th January. All things predicted last week have come to pass - horahh!! The weather has been good and the roof man has started work. The build which has recently been more reminicent of a cell block is finally beginning to look like a house;

Yet more storage space in the roof area.

 More impresively, the basement is dry and waterproof and the doors are being fitted tomorrow.

 We have 2 huge tanks so should never run out of water, even when the local council shut it off as they do frequently in high Summer.
 The electricians were working today and there are wires and pipes everywhere.  How they ever make sense of it all is a mystery to us.

Our builder says that once the electricians are finished - hopefully this week - the suspended ceilings in the kitchen and bathrooms will be installed. The foam cement will then be put down on the floors, ready for the under-floor heating mats to be laid.
 The officer from the department which gives permission for wells has visited and says all is in order.  The paperwork should be completed this week and then the drillers can start.  The cess pits will be dug at the same time. The next big thing will be to have the electricity connected.  Despite having paid several thousands of pounds to the authority over a month ago, there is still no news on when this will happen. We hope it will be quite soon as when the roof is finished, we need to have the Solar Panels installed. Our challenge this week is to try to get a discount on the roof tiles we have chosen.


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