Sunday, 22 February 2015

22 February. We have had serious snow this week - the worst in 30 years.  Consequently, work slowed even more. It only lasted a day or two, but was bitterly cold. Our builder has returned from holiday and fixed the problem of water in the basement.  It is not that we have leaks but condensation. Fixed by knocking a small hole into the end wall.
The main events this week are that the outside rendering has been finished and the marble edging has been fitted on the upstair terrace;

We are really pleased with the render detail.  

The beautiful marble (not done justice in the photo) finishes the edges  really well.
The electricians were working when we visited today and the plasterer is due to start work tomorrow. When he finishes, the floor can be poured, then the under floor heating laid followed by the tiles.  How much of this will happen this week is anyones guess as yet  more rain is forcast.


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