Sunday, 15 March 2015

15th March (Mothering Sunday). The last 2 weeks have been really frustrating. After the foam floor dried, the next stage was for the Under-floor Heating Mats to be laid.  The floor tiles were delivered, the tiler was on-site and nothing more could be done until this happened. Then, despite many phone calls and visits to the company, resulting in promises that it would happen for certain the next day, the fitter did not appear until this morning. I know we have been really lucky so far in that, by and large things have happened according to plan -weather permitting - but it has not stopped me having several temper tantrums.
Anyway, this morning we did our usual Sunday visit and, at last, the heating mats were at last being fitted;

The elusive fitter working in our bedroom

TV room

Suliman (the tiler) had been kicking his heels for the last 2 weeks so has made a start on the pillars around the pool.  Eventually, these will be rendered and wooden panels set in between. Apart from stopping people falling off the terrace (it is quite a drop) it will give us privacy from the road.;

Hopefully the heating mats will all be down by the end of today and Suliman can start tiling tomorrow. We are also hoping that as the rain seems to be stopping finally, that the windows and doors will be fitted and the cess-pits and well will be dug this week.  Mind you, I said that 2 weeks ago............


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