Sunday, 26 April 2015

26h March.  With less than a week til move in date, I am thrilled to say that it is now looking quite possible.  So much has happened this week, probably best I tell it in pictures;

pool surround and terrace completed

patio finished

kitchen installed 

hall doors and lights completed

Bed delivered and lights fitted

TV room lights filled

4th bedroom wardrobes and fan fitted

3rd bedroom wardrobes

2nd bedroom wardrobes

Front door, arch plastered and hall lights fitted

Not very much left to do now before we can move in- plumbing is probably next on the list.  There is still quite a bit to do but now that we have all doors and windows fitted, it really feels like our home and we are so looking forward to living there. However, the amount of cleaning that needs to be done is a bit daunting so if you happen to find yourself in the area with a pair of marigolds, do drop in.


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