Saturday, 4 April 2015

4th April.  It has been 3 weeks since my last post and after another frustrating, under-floor heating related episode (when I had to resort to threats of non-payment) things have finally started to progress. We have moved yet again, and thanks to our (almost) sister and brother-in-law, we are living in Alsancak,  about 10 minutes away from the build. We are incredibly lucky to have such good friends and family to help with accomodation and storage. Without them, we would have been in trouble.
Since the last posting, quite a lot has happened.  We now have 2 cess-pits and a well - with water!!.  The well could not be sunk in the original location as the digger thingy couldn't get a safe purchase so had to be put in the second best place.  However, within a day of completion we had 5 meters of water, so can't complain;
Original intended location at the front of the house

Second best location, to the rear. Much better, I think.

Most of the floors and all of the bathrooms have now been tiled (not yet grouted though) and quite a few of the windows and French Doors are now in ;
Bedroom 2 with en-suite to the left and French Doors to the front

bedroom 2 en-suite

Bedroom 4 and en-suite

bedroom 3 and en-suite

Our bathroom

Our bedroom window.

We now have electricity connected and the rest of the windows and doors, plus kitchen are due to be fitted this week. The renderers will be returning to finish off the dropped ceilings and the electricians and plumbers are on stand-by. The pool has been water-proofed, ready to be tiled and there will be a final concrete pour to level off the up-stairs and pool terrace this week, weather permitting.  It it all happening quite quickly now and really beginning to take shape.  We are optomistic ( I nearly said confident but don't want to tempt fate) that by the end of this month, we will be able to move in - fingers crossed!!


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