Sunday, 21 September 2014

September 21st.  What a difference 10 days have made !!! We went to the UK for a week to surprise our eldest son on his birthday and upon our return, made our first site visit this morning - great joy, we have columns (although it is starting to resembles a Roman ruin) and lots of lovely terraces!!

The view from the road as you enter the drive.

looking down the hallway.

The slab, from which the pool will grow.

The un-planned basement. This picture is taken from the furthest corner of the land.

The view from the empty skinny house next door.

From the road-side at the opposite end of the land.

We are really pleased with the progress and rooms can now be clearly identified.  Eddy is a bit concerned that some may be a bit small - our bedroom, for example, but I think they will be just fine.  The next stage, we suppose, will be the roof shuttering going up. Our ambition for this week is to make final decisions on the outside terrace tiles and bathroom suites. Expect more heated discussions...........

Saturday, 6 September 2014

September 6th.
Well, this has been a strange week. We moved back to our old house in Lapta, after a very relaxing 2 months in Kayalar. Although we enjoyed the tranquility of Kayalar, we love Lapta with it's close proximity to shops and restaurants. It was odd coming back to the house that we no longer own, familiar but with a completely different style.  It has had a really posh make-over while we have been away and no longer feels like our home, which is a good thing. We are enjoying house-sitting for the new owners, Chris and Heather, who are now also our friends.
This week we met our builder and plumber on site again to make absolutely sure that all the pipework for the bathrooms, kitchen and utility room will be in the right place. We visited the site this morning and it all seems to be working out well;

 We are starting to get a sense of scale -BIG!!!!!!!

This will be the view our guest will have when they open their French Doors and sit on their terrace with their morning cuppa.

We contiue to have 'heated discussions' about such important things as where the cupboards in the utility room should go (and given that he is likely to spend almost no time in there, one of us should keep their oppinions to themselves), but in the main, life is not too stressfull.

This coming week, the shuttering for the floor and terrraces will be errected and (we hope) another big concrete pour will happen.
The weather is starting to change (note the clouds in the sky) and although it is still around 30degrees, the locals predict rain soon. Hmmm - might need to dig the wellies out for our next site visit.