Friday, 17 October 2014

17th October - Hoorahhhh - we have a roof!!! We went away to our favorite hotel for an overnight stay and a bit of pampering and had a call in the morning from our builder, Hakki, saying that the concrete would be poured in the next couple of house.  Apparently, it took 10 lorry loads to cover the roof.  We called by when we got home but it was dark and we were not sure it was safe to go up onto our new roof terrace but we went today and wow!!!!  What a view!!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

5th October. Since last up-dating the blog, we have had the first heavy rains of the year and, thankfully, it has settled the dust on the site and cooled the weather a bit. We have finally found (and agreed upon!) the right tiles for the terrace and pool bathroom so that just leaves a couple of bathroom bits to source and we are sorted.  We took friends to look at progress this morning and we now almost have a roof;

Have you ever seen so many accros in one place? Our builder had hoped for the roof pour to take place befor the weekend as we now have another religious holiday (Bayram) for the next few days. However, that proved to be a bit optomistic.  No work will now take place untill the middle of the week but with a bit of luck, the shuttering will be finished ready for the roof pour by Friday.